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Deck Replacement

Revitalize your outdoor area with our deck replacement services. We’ll remove and dispose of your old deck and construct a new, durable deck that suits your current lifestyle and taste.

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Rejuvenate Your Outdoor Space with Expert Deck Replacement

A deck is more than just a part of your home; it’s the foundation for years of outdoor memories. However, like all things, decks have a finite lifespan and eventually need to be replaced to maintain safety and aesthetics.

Deck Structure Life Span:

Wood Decks: Typically, most deck structures are constructed with treated lumber or cedar and can last from 20-25 years, depending on the wood type, climate, and maintenance. Various factors such as attachment to the house, footing sizes, joist spacing, and stair stringers are all evaluated to determine if a full replacement is necessary.

Knowing When It’s Time to Replace:

  • Visual Wear: Look for signs of rot, warping, or extensive discoloration.
  • Structural Issues: Noticeable movement, creaking sounds, or unstable railings are warning signs.
  • Damage: Check for soft spots, mold growth, or insect damage.

Design Aspects to Consider:

  • Layout: Optimize the flow and functionality based on your current lifestyle needs.
  • Aesthetics: Choose colors and materials that complement your home’s exterior.
  • Features: Consider adding lighting or a pergola for enhanced utility and appeal.

Deciding Between Composite and Wood:

  • Composite: Offers longevity and low maintenance but at a higher initial cost. It’s an excellent choice for a long-term investment in your property.
  • Wood: Provides a natural look at a lower upfront cost but requires more upkeep over time to prevent deterioration.

When you’re ready to replace your deck, we’ll guide you through every step – from design to material selection – ensuring your new deck is a perfect addition to your home. Contact us to start the conversation about your deck replacement project.