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Equinox Solar Powered Pergolas

Experience the ultimate in pergola innovation with the Equinox Solar Powered Pergola. Adjust the louvers for desired sunlight and shade while harnessing solar energy for an eco-friendly solution.

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Embrace Innovation with Equinox Solar Powered Pergolas

Equinox solar powered pergolas represent a cutting-edge solution for outdoor living spaces, combining the benefits of a traditional pergola with advanced technology. Here’s why an Equinox solar powered pergola could be the perfect addition to your outdoor area.

Mike Jansen Custom Decks is the exclusive certified installer and dealer of Equinox products in Omaha.

What Is It?

Equinox solar powered pergolas feature adjustable louvers that can be controlled to let in sunlight and air or close to create a water-tight seal. These innovative structures are equipped with solar panels that harness solar energy to power the louvers, providing an eco-friendly and energy-efficient solution for your outdoor space.

Why It Is Superior to a Standard Pergola:
  • Adaptability: The adjustable louvers allow you to control light, shade, and ventilation, providing customizable comfort throughout the day.
  • Energy Efficiency: By utilizing solar power, Equinox pergolas reduce energy consumption and offer a sustainable solution for outdoor shading and protection.
  • Weather Resistance: The ability to close the louvers creates a water-tight seal, protecting you from rain and keeping your outdoor space dry and comfortable.
Great Option When a Deck Roof is Not Feasible:

Equinox solar powered pergolas are an excellent alternative when a traditional deck roof installation is not possible or desired. They offer the benefits of a roof-like structure without the need for extensive construction or permanent enclosure.

Best of Both Worlds:
  • Open and Airy: Like a standard pergola, Equinox pergolas can be opened to allow light and air to flow freely, creating a bright and inviting outdoor environment.
  • Water-Tight and Protective: When closed, the pergola becomes water-tight, keeping you dry and comfortable during inclement weather, providing the functionality of a traditional roof.
General Pricing:

Pricing for Equinox solar powered pergolas can vary depending on the size, features, and customization options. On average, you can expect to invest between $125 to $135 per square foot for an Equinox pergola installation. Additional features or premium materials may increase the overall cost.

Experience the ultimate blend of innovation and functionality with an Equinox solar powered pergola. Contact us to explore the possibilities of integrating this advanced outdoor structure into your living space and enjoy the benefits of modern design and sustainable technology.